Get The Best Tunics For Your Staff

If you own a salon then it is very important for you to create a professional environment with some style and fashion. In order to do that it is essential for you to provide special hairdressing tunics to your workers so that they look very professional. If all your workers wear the same tunic then it will surely leave a good impression on your customers and it makes your place look most elegant and stylish.

However, tunics not only create a professional atmosphere but they can also protect the clothing of your workers from the things used in the salon like nail polish, shampoo, massage oil, hair dye or colour and from other stuff. These tunics are very easy to wear and take off but it is important for you to have several tunics in case one gets dirty, so that your worker can put on a clean one.

Types of tunic

Button tunics – this tunic features 8 buttons of bar shape, comes with short sleeves and also has a mandarin collar.  Buttons allow the tunic to remain at its place and provides you a perfect shape. This tunic is mostly made from the polyester material. It also has side vents so that breathability is maintained.

Slip on – it looks very much like a long shirt that loosely fits around your body, moreover it also has a wide neckline. This tunic comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours, so it is good to have a specific coloured tunic for to represent your salon.